What does OEM/ODM mean in clothing manufacturing?

OEM and ODM are two methods of clothing manufacturing. You probably have seen them in many places. But what do they exactly mean? Let us find out.
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1.OEM – Original Equipment Manufacturer
An original equipment manufacturer in clothing is known as white label clothing manufacturer or as private label clothing manufacturer. This method of clothing manufacturing allows factory to create their own designs and specifications clothing products but with your label on it. This way of clothing manufacturing is convenient for those who do not have any designs and ideas as the factory can right away provide them for you. It becomes easier when you just need to decide which design you choose for them to manufacture or mass produce.
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2.ODM – Original Design Manufacturer
OEM is the abbreviation of Original Equipment Manufacturer, which is a more flexible but also more complicated principle. This clothing production method allows the factory to make clothing according to your design and specifications. There will be your brand label on the product, and it can be customized at any time according to your preferences. If you choose the OEM garment manufacturing factory route, the factory is just your workers, and all the designs and ideas are completely yours, but they will create them.
However, you need to be open to suggestions from the factory itself in order to maintain a harmonious relationship between the two of you. Open lines of communication are also key to being a successful OEM clothing entrepreneur or private label clothing line. Their input into your product will help your company in the long run, as they are experts at their jobs and they treat your product as their own.

Post time: Nov-16-2020