Manufacturing Process

Manufacturing Process

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Materials Preparation
All projects begin with material weaving and sourcing, where we select the best fabric for developing your products. In this process, we inspect all the details to ensure that:

The content and weight of the materials are what we wanted.
There are no stains, flaws & color difference in the fabric.
The materials do not shrink or fade.

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Fabric Cutting
Cutting is one of the most important steps in garment making, where your ideal style come out.

After fabric selection, our workers will tailor-made your items based on the sizes and design you chose by different manual and automatic tools, ensuring that each one is of high quality for your clients.

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With the cutting step finished, your item is about to be born.

During this process, our workers will put the garments on a series of machines to transform your pattern design.

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Products Finishing
Your item at this step is finished, where our experienced workers will inspect each piece carefully, making sure its design, sizes and the rest are meet your requirements.

It is passed through our check, we iron out the wrinkles and then put them on to the next process.

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Packaging & Delivery
To avoid any cracks during shipping, we finally wrap your delicately and put them on a designated packaging one by one.

Besides, Glamour offers a wide range of delivery options, which will feed your requirements.